Wow what an evening, thank you to everyone that attended we had a full house with standing room only.  The evening was about training the event horse and we had local riders taking part in the training who were at various levels in of training with the horses they were riding.  Jo Retallack and Michelle Sanders started us off with horses aiming for BE 90. Richard showed how to get the canter balanced and worked at getting the horses to work over the back showing that the quality of the canter will influence how you meet the jump.  The second group of riders was Amanda and Caroline Friend both from the winning Mid Devon team who were so successful at the Horse Trials final at Ashton Le Walls.  The theme moved forward with tests to increase and decrease the number of strides between fences whilst maintaining impulsion and balance and the final set were Louise Garland on Red who is about to go Intermediate BE and Maxine Enever who bought with her a Show Jumping horse.  The jumps got bigger and they proceeded to work on the ability to get to the fence and and ride away.  The second part seen the school transformed into an indoor xc course with skinnys and narrow fences and angled fences and the questions got harder for the horses and riders. The evening was as advertised, ‘fun and interactive’ with a great atmosphere as the audience rode every fence with the riders such was the enthusium that Richard maintained during the evening.  With the audience leaving and making great comments about what they had learnt and to borrow a comment made ‘ that man is Brilliant’ every rider now has a few new ideas to add to their training pot .